TCMC Parking Guidelines

Because TCMC is in a residential neighborhood, please park as far from TCMC as is possible for you to walk.  If neighbors complain about parking we could lose the center. Please do not park in front of the homes in the same block as the Center.  And when parking on nearby blocks, please leave at least one empty parking space in front of each home.

Santa Rita is the street running parallel to Mountain, about half a block west of TCMC, and it usually has available space. Please do not park in front of the blue arch gateway on the northwest portion of Santa Rita as this is needed for handicapped access.  The block of Edison east of Mountain is also a possibility.

Please strongly consider carpooling or biking to TCMC. 

There is an off-street driveway in front of and directly to the west of TCMC.  That space is for special needs (people who cannot walk far) and for teachers and sit leaders because they often are unloading items for the classes.   However, if you see that the teachers and people with special needs are not filling those spaces, please use them.  If you do park in either of the dirt driveways, please pull in as far as you can to make the best use of space.