We are projecting a general fund loss of approximately $3000 dollars for 2018. While we have savings to cover this, it is our goal to at least break even each year. We need your donations to help cover this shortfall. Decreased retreat attendance and income have created this loss.


You may make a donation in one of four ways.

1. Drop a check (Payable to TCMC) or cash in the drop box in the entryway at the center.  There are typically envelopes available on the cart. Please put general fund donation in the memo line of your check, or on the envelope.


2. Mail a check (Payable to TCMC) to

TCMC ℅ general fund donation

       PO Box 43415 Tucson, AZ 85733


3. Donate on our website via PayPal or credit card



4.  Donate via our Facebook Page: HERE


Your donations are greatly appreciated.