DISMANTLE STRESS with MINDFULNESS: Cultivating flexibility of body & mind for more well-being. An Online Intensive Retreat - August 17-21, 2022

Description: Using the powerful effectiveness of Shinzen Young’s Unified Mindfulness system, with emphasis on practical application and a sense of humor & play, we will delve into what creates stress and how to dismantle our response to it for greater ease & well-being.

TCMC will be hosting this 4 day (5 night) virtual online meditation retreat led by long time senior Unified Mindfulness teacher Stephanie Nash. She has worked closely with Shinzen Young and has been trained by him. She is a skillful teacher, and we encourage you to attend this retreat to experience her teachings.

This online retreat will offer, in addition to the teachings, ample time to practice & integrate the teachings - with access to volunteer facilitators for support, in addition to optional private sessions with Stephanie.  

The structure of the retreat will support a more intensive meditation retreat schedule for those who want to dive deep, with the option for taking a less intense route - as serves you best. In any event, this is an opportunity to deepen your meditation practice from your own home while also learning tips, tools & techniques for handling daily stress more skillfully.

The retreat will have silent sits in the meditation hall from 5:30 am through 10:00 pm. Even though we are in an online environment, you will have the presence and support of other meditators. You may choose which of these sits to attend in order to optimize your meditation practice.

The retreat will consist of guided Unified Mindfulness meditation instruction, a daily talk on a stress related topic, a guided “Focus on Positive” meditation and an opportunity for Q&A. The meditation instruction and daily talk will explore ways to dismantle stress.

Special Guest Teachers: We are also fortunate to have two special guest teachers, in addition to Stephanie. Bonnie Colby Ph.D. will lead two on-the-spot practice sessions to mitigate stress, balance our nervous system and generate FUN. Campbell Miller will guide creative mindful movement explorations to support befriending your body and nurturing your nervous system. 

When: The retreat will begin in the evening on Wed. August 17th and end mid-afternoon on Sunday August 21st.

Retreat Fees:
The cost of this 5 day (four night) virtual retreat is $145. You will also have the opportunity to offer Dana (donation) to the teacher. Dana is the only compensation that Stephanie receives and it supports her ongoing teaching.  There are a limited number of scholarships to help those with a financial need.  You may apply during the registration process.

Everyone is highly encouraged to attend the entire retreat, and we are unable to offer discounts for partial attendance.

You may register HERE.

Stephanie Nash has a psychology degree from Duke University and a Masters from Yale University. She teaches meditation workshops & Private Sessions in a private studio in Santa Monica. She has had the privilege of working closely with Shinzen Young and feels grateful to have been able to contribute to - and benefit from - his ever-developing teachings. She has been a facilitator with Vipassana Support International (VSI - founded by Shinzen) since 1999.

Special Guest Teachers

Bonnie Colby became fascinated with our human nervous system through decades working on cross-cultural environmental conflicts. She has authored many articles & books, and testified before courts, indigenous councils and Congress. Dr. Colby participates in research on effects of meditation and other nervous system interventions.

Bonnie has been teaching meditation for 20 years -- at universities, professional conferences and for the public. She is a trauma-informed meditation teacher with a background in restorative movement, certified in the Safe & Sound Protocol.

Campbell Miller is an Embodied Mindfulness coach, she is inspired by Unified Mindfulness, trauma-informed yoga, somatic movement, and 20 years of teaching dance internationally, and her personal journey through anxiety and concussion recovery. She studied Computer Science and Dance at Stanford University, served as faculty at The University of Texas at Austin, and currently teaches coach training programs at Unified Mindfulness. Campbell empowers private clients with skills to navigate healing, strengthen resilience, and explore personal growth through meditation, movement, and self-care practices. Her mission is to help you come home to your body and enjoy more freedom and flow in your life.